MENQ ENQ MER SARERE (WE ARE OUR MOUNTAINS) borrows its name from a film directed by Henrik Malian in 1969.

Collages, photographs, poems intertwined seek a new way to think our memory - as something intrinsic and ever-lasting, a memory for which no recollection is necessary.

This book hopes to lend its readers a modern and creative lens to look through and grasp glimpses of the ever so rich and powerful Armenian culture, bringing traditional references and contemporary visuals in harmony.

Constructed as an exquisite corpse, the book comprises various references and inspirations. Suddenly Magritte befriends Paradjanov, Tarkovsky mingles with Dada, Pirosmani chats to Cornell.

In the course of this project, we’ve based our thoughts and artworks on the vital importance of memory – whether it be national, communal, familial, or individual.

We follow this ‘guiding light’ so to speak, and not only do we determine who we are as beings, but also, and especially as artists.

In this tremendously important year for Armenians all around the world, and in a global climate whereby matters of identity lie in the heart of all societies, we are very proud to present Menq Enq Mer Sarere.


€55.00 for the deluxe box

Issue #2 by Orpheus Standing Alone 

In collaboration with the Live Wild Collective

Limited edition of three hundred copies

180 Deluxe boxes in which you will find:
- The book Menq Enq Mer Sarere by Orpheus Standing Alone
- A unique and original polaroid taken in Armenia or georgia in january 2015
- Four postcards printed on 300 g/m2 paper / artworks from the book
- A poster printed on cyclus offset mat 70 g/m2 paper
- A handful of ground collected beneath Khor Virap facing Mount Ararat in January 2015

This collection of works comes with 52 minutes of field recording, recorded in Armenia and Georgia in Januray 2015. 

You can find it here:


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